Blaengarw and Pontycymer Lakes

The Garw Valley Community Council has noticed many comments about the condition of our lakes on social media and we’d like to clarify the situation.    Some time ago, the Community Council put aside the amount of money specified in the lease for their contribution towards desilting the lakes.   That money is still in the budget.   Unfortunately, despite many meetings and requests to the appropriate organisations to get the go ahead to desilt them, the requests have not been approved.  This will be the case until the work being carried out in the upper valley is completed.

In the meantime, the Community Council has set aside additional money in the budget to carry out pond weed removal and reed cutting alternating each year between the two lakes.   The reeds are left on the bank after cutting to enable any wildlife caught in the reeds to safely make its way back into the lake to safety and this also cuts costs as over the winter months the reeds are left to decompose rather than removing them from site.

This year the work will take place at Pontycymer Lake and the work should be completed before Christmas.