Community Award Winners 2020 Presentation in June 2022!

At last we are now holding face-to-face council meetings and at our June 2022 meeting we were able to meet with the Community Award Winners for 2020 an their families for a presentation.

There were two awards, Richard Durston won the Community Award for his time during covid running up and down the valley dressed as Spiderman and keeping everyone upbeat and Travis Huntley won the Community Sport Award for his under 21 cap for Wales.

Both were presented with an engraved shield to keep for a year and a smaller shield as a reminder and they were also given a small gift of thanks.   They were both accompanied by their families and the ladies who accompanied them were presented with flowers.

They are pictured here receiving their awards from the Chair of Council, Councillor Deb Davies.

Richard Durston                               Travis Huntley